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What we do for you

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THE INTELLIGENT :: Job seeking tool

With the free to use Visible Me account, the JoBlogs feature enables you to make the most of your job seeking time by automatically tracking your on and offline activities. JoBlogs is like having an online assistant to optimise your job seeking effortlessly.

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Candidate Information Alignment - CIA
THE POWEREFUL :: Candidate alignment tool

We all know that recruiters have less and less time to review CV’s, so how do you ensure you are selected in just 20 seconds. It’s simple, use the first ground breaking CIA tool that instantaneously show cases how you are a perfect match to the unique job requirements.

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Ensuring your career goes to plan, can seem like full time job. Whether you are looking for job or career progression, Visible Me automatically manages your activities so you do not have to.


Employers take on average just 20 seconds to decide if you make the shortlist.

That’s why our CIA feature enables you to quickly and clearly demonstrate how you match or exceed their job requirements, every time.


Does the recording and reporting of the 35 hours job seeking quota distract from your job seeking effectiveness?

Or do you just need a online helping hand that automatically logs, records, reminds and reports your weekly activity. Making the most of your job seeking time.


Why would you represent who you are today, with a traditional CV that has changed little in over 100 years? Visible Me ELITE offers you unique ways in which to present who you are to employers, using the most engaging online medium available today.


More than ever career success is dependent upon your ability to market who you are. Visible Me ELITE gives you your own marketing website with interactive features that will enable you to stand out from the career crowd.


Did you know over 30% of UK employers find candidates misrepresent their career history. Get ahead of the competition by proactively verifying your career history so that your new employer does not have to. Imagine the power of being a prequalified candidate!


We understand time is a diminishing commodity, that is why Visible Me enables you to quickly tailor and submit your interactive profile ahead of the competition. Enabling your online recipient to simply choose what and in which order they wish to view your profile content.


How hiring companies respond to applicants is a measurable factor of their future success. Visible Me ELITE creates a simple and quick method for hiring managers to give instantaneous feedback to their applicants. Allowing our users to get valuable feedback to improve their employability.


Qualifications are one of our most valuable career assets. Ensure you protect, maintain and renew qualifications on time with Visible Me’s automated system.

What we do for Organisations

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It may surprise you to now that on average employers select a potential candidate in just 20 seconds. Given the myriad of CV styles and layouts, wouldn’t it be ground breaking to receive an application that simply highlights how a candidate matches or exceeds your unique role requirements?

CIA the first Candidate Information Alignment tool, delivers exactly that! Enabling you to make informed hiring decisions more efficiently.

The hiring environment today brings numerous challenges and risk to any hiring business. The availability of fake references services and employment competition has seen instances of employment fraud rise dramatically.

We recognise that reputable employees gain real advantage by proactively pre-verifying their career history. Providing employers significant advantage by reducing risk and time to hire.

The team at Visible People realise that time is a precious commodity. This led to the development of Visible Me, our online service that allows a person hiring to quickly review candidate information that is uniquely important to them.

The easy and intuitive format enables even first time users to identify the most suitable candidate, quickly.

We all approach hiring in a way that is unique to us, yet why do we still persevere with a CV format that has changed very little in over 100 years. Visible Me enables you to pick and choose the order in which you wish to view a candidate's details, according to your preference.

No more unnecessary scanning of pages of unwanted data, just go straight to what is relevant and interesting to you.

Visible Me streamlines hiring time and costs by ensuring all our users are primed, ready and employable.

We understand the legal and logistical employment requirements and ensure that a Visible Me candidate is able to safely supply all the necessary documents in one easily accessible online location.

We live and work in an era where personal and professional data is more readily shared. Visible Me, as the name suggests embrace the fact that employers are seeking a 360 degree profile when assessing future employees. Two dimensional CV’s are not adequate to meet today needs.

Visible Me enables its users to create an engaging profile that reflects the multi dimensional candidate which is easily accessable in one place.