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Frequently Asked Questions

List of Questions

Simply sign up and register to receive your unique Visible Me account for free
Visible Me is free and allows account holders to pro-actively build their profiles and use the JoBlogs job search features, it's everything you need to secure your next career move.
To open a Visible Me account only takes a couple of minutes, you enter a user name and password and we send you a email to authenticate your valid email address.
The annual subscription for Visible Me ELITE is £24.00 a year that’s a mere £2 a month
The Visible Me ELITE account gives additional functionality such as multiple Profile Sites and Secure Document Storage.
Due a huge trend in unscrupulous people misrepresenting their career history and education employers are carrying out time consuming and repetitive checks prior to issuing any formal job offers. Career verification gives you the opportunity to pre-qualify your career history for life, making you an instantly employable candidate.
Once you populate your personal and employment details it is simply a case of ticking a button that authorises Visible People to make this request on your behalf.
Once you have been successfully verified by a valid employer this verification is safely stored and remains valid for life; invaluable in situations where a previous employer ceases to operate.
No, your account is publicly not available by default, you select what information and who you wish to share this with via a pin protected system.
Very simply JoBlogs is a job searching activity tracker, which automatically logs the time and type of on and off line activities you undertake. Each time you log in, your personal Smorgasbord shows you how you are spending your job searching time and your progress against target. At the end of the week JoBlogs automatically generates a report to simply evidence your weekly commitment to job seeking.
Simple, your account reverts to a primed status ready for when you next want to activate your account.
This is very simple, go to your settings and delete your annual subscription; this will then automatically take effect on your next Elite anniversary.
Please email team stating you wish to close your account, please be aware this will terminate your career validation and stored data.

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