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Standout from the crowd

Does it sometimes feel that standing out from the career crowd is an impossible task, then here are 5 proactive pointers to getting ahead

Its not until you are actively looking for that new job that you realise that you are up against strong competition. Many of us may feel that we can set ourselves apart once we are face to face but how do we ensure we secure that interview ahead of the faceless competition?

The concept is easy, you have to create the most compelling picture of who you are by aligning your attributes and skills with those an employer is seeking; how hard can that be?

It's this conundrum that leads many people adopting a blanket approach thinking that more applications must automatically equate to more success; when in fact the opposite is often true, quality over quantity is the key to success.

  1. Start by thinking of yourself in the role you desire, if you don’t want the role enough why waste your time or that of the recruiters?
  2. Learn everything you can about the their business the culture, goals, customers and the role. This is the foundation that will both pay dividends in the application and interview process.
  3. Choose a mechanism for reaching your future employer that allows you to stand out from the outset; Visible Me does exactly this, the give away is in the title.
  4. Use all the knowledge you have acquired about the business to tailor what you showcase both professionally and personally, spell out how you meet their needs and prioritise the content.
  5. Finally when you get that all important interview have confidence they liked what you submitted and keep to the formula, think as if you are are already part of their team and convey that knowledge and energy, it will be infectious.

by Georgina P

Verification- not as you know it!

When I applied for my last role I under went a three week reference check, a credit check, a qualifications check, a right to work check and my passport was requested no less than nine times

You're probably thinking I applied for a high security role maybe MI5 or the MOD, no the reality was this was just a Corporation that was trying to meet the minefield of legislation and compliance required to safely hire today.

This led me to dig a little further into what was behind this time consuming a costly activity; sadly it became clear that unscrupulous businesses exist soley to supply fake references and qualifications.

Genuine and honest candidates can sit back and let less reputable individuals misrepresent their career history and qualifications or they can fight back and take the proactive approach of pre qualifying their own career history with Visible Me verification.

Visible Me verified employment references are only accepted from authorised employers for genuine employees. Visible Me verification removes duplication of effort by requiring only one reference request for life, should a business cease to operate we still retain their genuine verification.

by Georgina P

35 hours NO problem….

Speaking to people who have recently had to resort to claiming the Jobseekers allowance, has been a real eye opener!

Each person has their own unique story of how they find themselves for the first time claiming jobseekers allowance; what is common is the language used when talking about why they are claiming the job seekers allowance, most commonly termed as "the last resort" when all else has failed.

So how do we help people get back into work faster and ensure meeting the mandatory 35hrs per week job seeking quota, is efficient and effective in real terms?

We posed this question to the Visible People problem solvers; they felt the logical step forward is to automate all job searching activity with real time measurements that show members how they are performing against target.

In practise how does the JoBlogs feature do this?

JoBlogs as the name suggests is simply a job searching activity tracker, which automatically logs the time and type of on and off line activities you undertake. Each time you log in, your personal Smorgasbord shows you how you are spending your job searching time and your progress against target. At the end of the week JoBlogs automatically generates a report to simply evidence your weekly commitment to job seeking.

Meeting the 35 hours per week job seeking quota really is no problem with JoBlogs but more importantly by removing duplication of effort, tracking activities, actions and contacts JoBlogs ensures members are more effective and faster at securing that all important dream job.

by Martin J

Marketing the whole of ME

Employers are more and more searching prospective employees social networks to gain a greater insight into their character and traits

That is why Visible Me was developed to address the reality of the freedom of information and social media that exists today. If employers are actively seeking out social information, then why not make it easier for them them to find?

This goes to the heart of the Visible Me philosophy, a potential employable candidate is more than what can be captured on a two dimensional CV. Visible Me features many applications with the sole purpose of helping an individual build up a three dimensional picture of who they really are, that can be viewed in one place.

Visible life, My Story, Visible Profiles and My Portfolio are all visual and engaging tools that help members to offer a real insight into what has shaped and what continues to motivate them, both professionally and personally.

Visible Me is akin to the burning of the bra, rip up that outdated CV and step into the future, let Visible Me help market the whole of you!

by Doug E