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Reference for life

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In response to a rapid growth in reference and qualification fraud estimated to annually cost UK employers £2B. Visible People are introducing a new approach to employee verification

What is employee fraud?
Employee fraud occurs when an individual dishonestly makes a false representation, wrongfully fails to disclose information or abuses a position of trust, with the intent to make a gain or to cause a loss
Source: Peter Hurst MCIPD - Chief Executive, CIFAS

Fraud on this scale exposes employers and employees to litigation, reputational damage and severe financial loses

What are the nine categories of employee fraud as set out by the *CIPD and CIFAS?
  1. Use of a false identity
  2. Impersonation of an innocent party
  3. False Qualifications
  4. False References
  5. Concealed employment history
  6. Concealed employment record
  7. Concealed unspent criminal convictions
  8. Concealed adverse financial/ credit history
  9. False Immigration status
*Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System (CIFAS)
What is our new approach?

Through Visible People's Reference for Life verification we are giving enlightened career individuals the opportunity to pre-verify their career history, which clearly signals to employers their authenticity, upfront. Enabling honest professionals to proactively protect their hard earned career status.

As an employer of people, this new approach offers multiple benefits. The premise being that verification of a candidate is only requested once and this verification is kept for life. This removes the current inefficiencies whereby an employer receives multiple reference requests, up to 10 years post employment. Finally when employing a candidate who has Visible Me verification, the hiring business will benefit from a candidate who is prequalified and instantly employable, enabling them to secure the first choice candidate ahead of the competition.

What does Visible People's Reference for Life verification involve?

The astuteness of this process is born of it's simplicity, a request on our system can only be made if a Visible Me member supplies the *accurate factual employment data pertinent to a period of employment and employer.

Once this is data is submitted, the system securely generates a verification request to a authorised verifier within that business, this prevents illegitimate verification from work colleagues, associates and managers. The authorised verifier is simply requested to verify or amend the data supplied by the authenticated career individual.

*All factual employment data requested for verification is permissible under UK employment law.