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Who we are


Who we are 1

Visible People is the privately owned parent company of Visible Me. We deliver a fresh approach to career management and optimisation; by providing individuals of all ages and experience, a dynamic professional online service that enhances their personal marketing, employability and ultimately career success.

As a privately owned UK business, we possess the autonomy to continuously invest in our business, ensuring Visible Me account holders have access to a constantly evolving career service, designed to keep them ahead of the career curve, for life.

The Visible People commitment is to create and maintain revolutionary career management tools that are cost effectively available to everyone.


Our Visible Me online services effectively offer individuals three fundamental services:

A primed account allows individuals to be career ready, by taking a guided tour of how to create the most engaging career marketing websites.

An active account is designed for when an individual wants to proactively seek employment or a career move, by enabling multiple dynamic career management tools and features.

The Visible Me verification is a permanent way for an enlightened career individual to authenticate their career history, for life.